Friday, May 27, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011


Our "real life" has some changes coming soon. Most of these changes will be quite challenging, while very exciting.

This Summer, we are moving out of state for my husband to go back to school. I'm thrilled about this. We are moving to an area where we have lived before, where we still have some acquaintances and connections in the community. We are also excited about the possibility of some of our oldest and dearest friends also moving back into the area where we will live. Good times for sure.

Of course, Daddy Rabbit in school means money will be tight. We've learned some frugal surviving skills in times gone by, but we're a little rusty. Pulling out the old budget and looking for ways to make every dollar work harder BEFORE times get tough is our plan for now. We will also have two more family members than we were working with before. I'm a firm believer that having babies don't mean you have to go broke, but they do add some room for more... creativity in the budget plan.

There's also a new baby coming our way. I can't believe I'm almost half way through this pregnancy. It's been a long one so far, but I'm feeling good. Now to survive this Mississippi Summer (that may or may not last until the baby is born... in November...).

So, a lot of my posts are going to be "look what I can do" budgeting, laundrying, diapering, parenting, but I don't want that to be ALL this blog is about, because really friends... that's not what I'm all about. It's ok to say that, yes? I think so.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Rough Start (or Excuses Excuses)

That first lovely post was written not long after we received the news that we were expecting our second child, AND after we just announced that we were moving (yet again) out of state. There was much hope, much joy, and much anticipation all wrapped up into those couple of sentences.

Then came the sickness. Oh my goodness. I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me. I don't want to be "that pregnant lady who thinks her's is so bad", but since my last post, this pregnancy has made living life hard. I have battled fatigue, extreme food aversion, and nausea in a way that I imagine some of my friends have but I never took the time to notice because my previous pregnancy was so blissfully easy. My husband took over most of the cooking, cleaning, tending, and I stayed on the couch, reading to my little, watching HOURS of PBS kids, and waiting for that second trimester time of "feeling better".

That time has mostly come. I still have days, and my stamina is completely shot. The goal now is to start walking daily to bring my energy back up and to have a healthy "rest of" my pregnancy.

All those things to say, I had a rough start but I'm here. I'm planning on giving this blog a shot. And I haven't forgotten. Now, by the gentle prodding of my friend Michelle, I am beginning.